400-year-old building, part 1

This was another passion project for us.

This was another passion project for us.

In 2017 and 2018, we participated in the reconstruction of a historic building - the national cultural monument Drevenka in the Krkonose Mountains, which was to be converted into a museum.

This wooden building is exceptional - it is one of the oldest and largest small-town wooden constructions in the Czech Republic. In addition, it is made of rough logs. The building has been relatively well preserved, and is decorated in the style of the year it was built: 1620 (!). Thanks to this, in 2010. it gained the status of national cultural monument.

So what could we, as architects, add to such a building? How to approach such a project? And how did we polish this gem?

The historical development of this extremely valuable, originally three-part building is seen in its form, façade, and decoration. What function should the structure have today, in order to be more than just a museum exhibit?

Drevenka served as a pub for over 200 years. Around the middle of the last century, however, it began to decay and slowly disintegrate. In 2008, it was bought by the local government, and the public again became interested in saving the building. The municipality invited us to cooperate on the full interior design of the building. After Drevenka obtained national monument status, the town was free to apply for subsidies and carry out the reconstruction to the appropriate extent. In 2009, its reconstruction was included in the Architectural Heritage Preservation Program.

Next week, read how we proceeded and how this exceptional work developed.