400-year-old house, part 3

In the previous two parts of this story, we showed how a four century-old wooden building can be repaired and put back to use. In addition to immensely enjoying our participation in restoring this exceptional structure, we received several awards in 2018 and 2019: you will find details at the end of this article.

Archicraft has done many historical building projects, and we very much like these for their challenges and for how they always teach us something. The reconstruction of the interior of a national cultural monument, for example, has a great many specifics. This one was the most difficult for us to design in such a way that the original spirit of the building stands out the most, rather than the new elements.

“When we placed the toilets, we completed the upper section with clear double glazing so that the original shape of the vault was untouched,” describes Mirek. “We invented the stove from the simplest shapes, and we knew about its color only because of surveys that mentioned it. The showcases are frameless to be as transparent as possible, and to allow the perception of the rooms as a whole.”

We owe our excellent cooperation on the building with its conservationists mainly to engineer Lubor Grund, who did an excellent job. Thank you!

A challenge in every corner

We created this space with museum visitors always in mind. The big challenge was to level the floor; although the overall floor plan is small, the level difference was 35 centimeters! We had low windowsills and we had to figure out how to implement safety throughout the building for its new life as a museum. Finding out how to hide all of the necessary modern technology without compromising the history was a major challenge.

Challenges are made to be overcome. And we love doing that. Thanks to this, you can see Drevenka in all its beauty today. Do you know where you will go on a trip this summer? We have an excellent suggestion.

Awards for Drevenka

• Patrimonium pro futuro 2018. Category: Monument Preservation (more here)

• Special award of the General Director of NPÚ 2019

• Construction of the Year, Hradec Králové Region 2019 - special jury prize

• Wooden building of the year 2019 - winner of the expert jury. Category: Log cabins and log cabins - realization (more here)

• Wooden building of the year 2019 - winner of the public vote. Category: Log cabins and log cabins - realization (more here)

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