How do you build a restaurant? I.

Grab a beer with us and let us talk about our latest restaurant that we created for Pilsner Urquell brand in center of Prague.

A restaurant with a beer hall, such as Pilsnerka, starts with the idea of the investor, in this case the Czech world known brand Pilsner Urquell. Our first step was to understand the brand and create a restaurant space that will match the values, tradition and future vision of Pilsner Urquell. We did not want to create just another traditional Czech beer pub. Pilsner Urquell is a premium and traditional brand, and it is a Czech icon known worldwide. How to grasp these values in order to create a modern era of traditional Czech pubs? We decided to put beer in the spotlight - our goal was to make the beautiful golden color of beer stand out. We decided to make space simple and clear with high end materials.

The first sketches and mood boards were created, those gave us the concept for the future Pilsner pub. We had so many discussions about functionality and brand itself. What materials are suitable for busy gastronomic operations? What lights sufficiently illuminate cooked food but do not dazzle diners? This and many other details of the space are key elements in creating a place where everyone will be happy to return. After the approval of the visuals, the selection of suppliers and the fine-tuning of even the smallest details we created a comprehensive manual of the Pilsnerka pub concept.

Now that we had the brand concept and manual done, we started what most people imagine as “architecture”. We were given the 1500 m2 space where our task was to comfortably sit 100 people. The number of places does not only depend on the wishes of the owner or finances – but also on the numerous city and building codes we work with. We did not forget about the efficiency of the operation - the restaurant staff must move around the place! We carefully coordinated the entire construction, supervised the carpenters and communicated with different trades and, of course, marketing team. Visual and marketing communication is key to successful concept and profitable business.

Creating a functioning gastronomic operation is not easy. In addition to all hygiene, fire, disabled access and building code regulations, you must know all the requirements of guests and staff. Small or large tables? Chairs or benches? And let us not forget to clean - will the staff clean the metal, wooden or plastic table better and faster?

Few industries change as fast as gastronomy. Success of the restaurant is not easy; 60% of restaurants do not make it past year one, and 80% go out of business in first 5 years of operation. If the space is not designed with an emphasis on guests, staff and the specifics of gastronomy, it will not be successful. We want our clients to be successful. First Pilsnerka has been open for almost a year and is an extremely popular spot.

Check out our next blog on what makes a restaurant successful, at least from an architectural point of view. We will also talk about materials that can withstand spilled beer and sirloin.