Offices for an international company, part 1

In addition to great restaurants and apartments, we also design and build offices. One of our biggest was the offices for Dentsu. What is it like to work for an international company? Does the collaboration of two architectural studios bring harmony or competition? Read on for more.

Our paths crossed with the Dentsu financial group in December 2015. We did not work on this large project alone; a design studio was also invited to join the team. When such a large company as Dentsu decides to move, it’s not a matter of a few months, but rather several years. The management of Dentsu Aegis Network wanted to relocate multiple offices to one location so its employees could work together faster, without unnecessary downtime. And since these are mainly marketing and creative studios, it was clear that ordinary space was not appropriate for this company.

Our cooperation with Dentsu started when we helped them find a suitable space. The relocation was to involve more than 300 employees, and most existing Prague office stock was simply unsuitable for this number of people. But after a long search, we found an appropriate building. We started working on one floor, but soon found out that this wouldn’t be enough, so we added another. And then came the revolutionary idea - to connect the floors with a large staircase, to function as a meeting place for all 300 employees while making it clear that everyone in Dentsu is close.

Connecting two floors in an already completed development project required a great deal of diplomacy. As you can see, the massive red staircase was constructed and is in use today. The great thing about this space is that it can also be used as a small auditorium for social events.