Offices for an international company, part 2

Was the collaboration of two architectural studios smooth or a struggle? How did we deal with it? We tell all in this second part about our office project for Dentsu.

This project was not the first one in which we collaborated with another architectural or design studio. Even so, this cooperation had a lot of specifics. As one of the collaborators, we can say that the partnership was a real surprise, quite possibly for both studios. Management invited another Prague studio, Vrtiška & Žák, to the project. We will not lie, the whole process of dividing tasks and synchronizing the dynamics of two very different studios was a lot of work.

At first, we both created moodboards, and management chose from them. We favored calmer and more earthy colors, while Vrtiška & Žák pitched a more aggressive combination of black and red. The client favored the latter option, so it was the one that was developed as the lead concept.

In the end, as we settled into the project Vrtiška & Žák mainly took responsibility the interior design, while we oversaw the design of building details and construction, and the overall coordination of the work. In addition to the large red staircase (see part 1) there is, for example, a very imaginative reception area in the office. Dentsu connects creatives, and the reception must function as a creative space. That is why you will find a large board with 1,000 light switches on it, which serves as a forum not only to welcome visitors in an original way, but also, for example, to wish the staff a Merry Christmas.

Large offices must not lack privacy. In Dentsu's facilities, we therefore created - in an otherwise open space floor plan without ceilings - more private rooms and corners. Thanks to the great work of carpenters and locksmiths, two types of boxes were inserted into the space. The first consists of private management offices; the second, meeting rooms. Thanks to the use of cork and felt, we soundproofed these spaces. In addition, these materials allow Dentsu officials to attach anything to the wall during negotiations, or to stimulate the creative process.

In addition to "archi", we also involved "craft" when creating ceiling elements and other accessories - watch the video on how we realized a holistic interior.

In cooperation with Vrtiška & Žák, we created a two-story, modern, open space office, which today serves more than 300 people.