Offices for an international company,part 3

The greatest success for an architect is a satisfied client or office user. Read what Michal Majnuš, Dentsu’s Marketing Director who uses the offices every workday, says about the facilities in this interview.

What led Dentsu to move? What were the requirements for the new premises?

The main impetus for moving to the new premises was the merger of Dentsu Aegis Network with the Adexpres Group. Thanks to this acquisition, the number of employees increased to more than 250 and it was not possible to merge the two teams into existing offices. Since both teams were built on slightly different cultural foundations - the original Dentsu was a classic offline media agency, Adexpres was a progressive punk digital agency - the main requirement for space was to connect the two teams. That is why we decided to connect the two floors of the new building with red stairs, which symbolically connected us, and at the same time, together with the spacious dining room, created a kind of auditorium for joint meetings, presentations, or training sessions.

Did the work of archicraft and Vrtiška & Žák meet your expectations? How do you rate the new offices?

I think expectations were met. This office is one of our main landmarks; it gets admirable reactions from everyone who visits us. We work with brands, we are creatives, and this office fully represents who we are. That is why we use it very intensively for promotion and external communication.

Do you have a favorite element or corner in the office?

Definitely the red stairs (see parts 1 and 2).This element is the first dominant thing that one notices when entering the offices.As a second element, I would like to point out a slightly unconventional color scheme - intense red in combination with black and gray.Although it seems quite intense and dark at first glance, it still guarantees sufficient lighting comfort over time.As a third crucial thing, I would like to highlight the generous layout of the offices, thanks to which each employee has enough space not only in their workplace, but also in the common areas.

Two completed large floors for more than 300 Dentsu employees.The work was long, hard, interesting, and very much worth it.We thank Dentsu for the opportunity to create and collaborate on this project.